Coconut Oil Roast Pears

Coconut Oil Roast Pears

This elegant and heavenly scented dessert is super attainable at home! Just 5 simple ingredients will get your kitchen smelling warm and sweet.

What you'll need:

What you'll need to do:

  1. Heat the oven to 200ºC
  2. Warm through honey, vanilla essence and virgin coconut oil over low heat until combined
  3. Halve and core pears and line them on a tray with baking sheets
  4. Drizzle pears with liquid mixture, save some liquid to baste pears.
  5. Cover with foil and roast in oven for 25 minutes
  6. Remove pears from oven, turn them over, baste with liquid and return to oven for 20 minutes
  7. Remove from oven to cool slightly.
  8. Grate orange zest over and serve as is or as a topping with yoghurt or oatmeal.

Try it yourself!

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