Coconut Oil Popcorn with Salted Egg Sauce

Coconut Oil Popcorn with Salted Egg Sauce

When it's Friday movie night at home, I'll head to the kitchen to make a batch of popcorn. Using Medella Coconut Oil this time round, we have a healthier, non-greasy, fluffy bowl of coconut goodness! If you’re trying to get more coconut into your diet, here’s a recipe for you.

Everyone loves this and it reminds me of how old-fashioned movie popcorn used to taste before. Best deal is, no oily fingers and the coconut oil makes the salted egg yolk sauce taste better! 


  • 3 Tbsp Medella Coconut Cooking Oil
  • 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels
  • Salted Egg Yolk Sauce:
  • 5 salted egg yolk, steamed
  • 20g Medella Coconut Oil
  • 20g corn flour
  • 70g icing sugar
  • 30g coconut cream


  1. Mash yolks into a soft paste and all other ingredients. Stir until well mixed and set aside. To make it more smooth and runny, you can blend it in a blender for 3 minutes.
  2. Heat 3 Tbsp Medella Coconut Oil in a saucepan on medium high heat. Pour in popcorn kernels into the oil and cover the pan. Once the popping starts, shake the pan to prevent burning and helps them pop more evenly.
  3. Once the popping is done, place the popcorn immediately into a wide bowl, add in salted egg yolk sauce and mix well. You can place the popcorn in oven and bake for 5 minutes at 180 degree celsius to make it more crispy.

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