Medella Coconut Vinegar Goodness

Medella Coconut Vinegar Goodness

Medella Coconut Vinegar Goodness

Coconut vinegar is such a unique product that it's hardly ever heard of. So, here are some of its benefits.

  • Packed full of nutrients

Rich in potassium and vitamin C. It is also a great source of vitamin B, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, iron, polyphenols and probiotics. 

  • Boost digestion and immunity

Coconut vinegar can contribute to the immune system and gut health as the components contained can fight off bacteria and viruses which improves the immune system.

  • Combat obesity

Coconut vinegar does not contain any calories, carbohydrates or fats. It has proven to decrease triglycerides, LDL and serum cholesterol in mice studies. Plus, it exhibits anti-obesity, hypolipidemic and anti-inflammatory effects. 

  • Balance blood sugar levels

Coconut vinegar has a low glycemic index that allows a slow absorption, digestion and metabolism of sugar which reduces the rise of blood glucose levels. 

  • Maintain blood pressure

Potassium is an important component in achieving a healthy heart and blood pressure regulation. Coconut vinegar might lower the triglycerides in blood too.

  • Natural source of probiotics

Probiotics will help balance the gut flora by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut for a positive change.

  • Prevent infections and illnesses

Coconut vinegar contains antibacterial properties and acetic acid which allows it to act as a natural antiseptic. It can prevent bacterial growth, reduce mucus thickness, improve tissue growth and adrenal gland function.


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