5 Advantages of Coconut Cream Powder

5 Advantages of Coconut Cream Powder

Medella Organic Coconut Cream Powder contains all the benefits that are present in coconuts. Read more about them below:

1. Contains healthy fats

Coconut cream powder has high amount of MCFAs. These healthy saturated fats are usually used as a quick energy for the brain or body. This may also improve cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

2. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Coconut cream powder has low glycemic index. It aids in reducing the glycemic effect on food and supports the stabilization of blood sugar levels in the body. 

3. Aids weight managements

Weight loss is linked to MCFAs. Thus, this reduces the appetite while it provides the energy your body needs. This tends to help lose weight and reduce the waistline size.

4. Strengthens immune system

It provides antibacterial and antiviral properties known as lauric acid that wards off colds and coughs. It also provides vitamin C which is able to boost the immune system.

5. Natural moisturizer

Coconut cream powder contains components that can moisturize the skin and hair. Additionally, the antibacterial and antiviral properties can cleanse off the dirt on the skin and hair.


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