Coconut Cream Powder Can Do It All!

Coconut Cream Powder Can Do It All!

Medella Coconut Cream Powder Can Do It All!

There are many ways you can use coconut cream powder as a substitute to dairy cream. A couple of examples are coconut cream and coconut milk. To make coconut cream, use a 2:1 ratio of coconut cream powder and water; to make coconut milk, use a ratio of 1:2 of coconut cream powder and water. Even so, you could always alter this to make it the way you like.

It is a good substitute for coffee creamer, milk in cereal, beverages, soups, curries, desserts and savoury dishes. You can even whip it like you would with heavy cream! That is after it’s mixed with water. Imagine…coconut flavored whipped cream. Isn’t that delicious?

Furthermore, you can use coconut cream powder to gain some benefits for your hair, skin and face. Similar to coconut oil, coconut cream powder can improve the health of your hair by restoring dry and damaged hair, promote hair growth and condition it. It can even moisturize your skin and treat skin problems such as eczema or sunburns. It may also play a role as a makeup remover, facial cleanser and face scrub. To do this, remember to mix it with some water (like making coconut milk), coconut oil or olive oil to provide it with a spreadable base.


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