How To Use: Coconut Oil

How To Use: Coconut Oil

There are many ways you can use Medella Coconut Cooking Oil. And when we say many ways, we mean more than just adding it to your food for frying and baking or as an ingredient to make vegan or keto-friendly dishes.

Coconut oil is good for your hair and skin too. A few examples that you can use coconut oil are:







Remove stains

Promote growth

Makeup remover

Nourish ragged cuticles

Reduce dandruff

Lotion for sunburns or other skin ailments

Tackle Candida (yeast infections)

Restore damage

Lip scrub/lip balm/lip gloss

Oil pulling

Hair mask


Polish wood furniture

Face mask

Health Benefits:

  • Provide quick energy source
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Boost wound healing
  • Reduce hunger
  • May decrease belly fat
  • Raise ‘good’ HDL cholesterol
  • Combat bacterial & viral infections
  • Enhance metabolism & boost weight loss
  • Improve brain function
  • Manage blood sugar levels


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