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Why Coconut Flour?

Why Medella Organic Coconut Flour? Here are a few reasons:

Rich in dietary fibers
The fibers in the flour are known to be an insoluble type which keeps you full and promotes healthy weight loss. Also, adding Medella Organic Coconut Flour in your meals provide a healthy digestion because it contains particular fibers and fats that assist the human body to improve colon health by removing toxins and waste from the digestive tract.

Gluten-free and Hypoallergenic
Living in a society with different allergies and diseases, these individuals are required to follow strict diet protocols by avoiding certain food groups which causes nutrient deficiencies. Don't be discouraged, think coconut! The natural proteins, vitamins and healthy fats found in Medella Organic Coconut Flour, Medella Coconut Cooking Oil or Coconut milk assists in restoring a healthy lifestyle with a balance diet.

Contains Lauric Acid and Manganese
Besides that, coconut flour has lauric acid. It's a good form of fat present in the flour that improves cardiovascular health and thyroid along with youthful skin. Lastly Medella Organic Coconut Flour contains manganese, the most unique benefit. Manganese helps the absorption of general vitamins in your body and works hand in hand with vitamin D to protect your bones.

Give Medella Organic Coconut Flour a try! A small step to a healthier you.

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