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Meet our Cooks: Aunty Pam

Pamela Daniel, or more endearingly known as Aunty Pam, inherited her expertise of Southern Indian fare growing up in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother. Her dishes utilize her signature blend of spices as she believes in their health benefits.

This belief stems from years of research on natural ingredients such as spices and coconut oil. According to her research, up to 150 types of diseases that are prevalent in Western countries are not found in places that use spices and coconut oil in their cooking, which then led her to incorporate these ingredients into her daily recipes.

Tried and tested, Aunty Pam has done cooking demonstrations in Melbourne, Australia and has passed on her knowledge of spices and coconut oil to many. Her experience in Australia has resulted in recipes with a delightful mix of Southern Indian and Western flavours.

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

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