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Pacific Series: Coconut Detergent Soap Bar (set of 6 bars)

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Detergent laundry bars that are made from coconut oil make for great stain removers and have great cleaning properties. It does not have any scent added to it. If you wish to make your own laundry soap, this is the best soap to use in your recipe. Do not use this soap on your skin, it is for laundry only. 

Pro-tip: Great as a lightweight/portable detergent for when you're traveling and have to do a quick wash in the sink. Because it is solid, it will get through airport customs in a breeze. 

for bulk orders or custom packing sizes, drop us an email at sales@medella.biz

The Pacific Series
Purchase of any item from the Pacific Series directly supports and impacts the lives of communities in the Solomon Island. Together with our partner Islands' Own Pte. Ltd., we manufacture and produce coconut products with community transformation in mind. Through our Outgrowers’ Program and other initiatives, we train, educate, and provide job opportunities with the objective to make a permanent positive impact with the people of Solomon Islands.

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